DZ_SAMUMedical transport for both emergency and non emergency use has become a highly sought after health benefit to many health insurance carriers. When insurance companies and medical offices include coverage for medical transportation in an insurance plan or health care regiment, the benefits of this service outweigh the cost of the plan. In this article I am going to outline the top benefits of medical transportation services, who benefits from this and why.

The most predominate benefit of this service is also the most obvious. To provide transportation to and from medical offices to any patient who does not have an alternative means of transportation as well as any one undergoing a procedure that disables their ability to function as usual, is crucial to providing efficient health care. Medical transportation benefits any insurance company or medical practice that offers it to their patients as part of their service. If a company or practice ensures that their patients are able to consistently tend to the regularly scheduled appointments, they consecutively maintaining a consistent revenue. An example of this would be the patent who avoids or prolongs their annual eye examination because they simply do not have the time to wait for their vision to readjust so that they can make it back to work on time.

Another benefit is that while medical transport service acts as a consistent revenue source for a health care business, it also relieves an extra financial burden to those who live on a fixed, low or altered income and cannot afford public or personal transportation. Far to often personal injury not only affects our health but it hinders our income. Offering medical transportation assists in minimizing the added stress to injury patient suffer when faced with the unexpected loss off wages due to an unforeseen injury. It is mandatory that a patient recovering from personal injury be seen by all doctors and specialist on a regular basis during their recovery treatment. Inexpensive public transportation such as buss lines are limited to specific destinations and require a bit of walking. Dishing out money for taxi cabs every three days to get to your physical therapy sessions will add up rather quickly for a patient who is experiencing some financial difficulties. With medical transport often provided in a health insurance plan or medical practice service, a patient struggling with financial set backs can find some comfort that transportation to and from medical offices is one less expense to worry about.